Forward Progression

What is Forward Progression?

Forward Progression is something we should always be mindful of when broadcasting. That means thinking and talking about what’s ahead, instead of what has occurred or what we have done. Of course if we are talking out of a new or unfamiliar track then we then need to back announce. Try to avoid saying, “That was Pink”. Instead say, “That’s pink”.  “That was” is past tense.
Knowing what we are about to say and especially knowing the payoff, (that is how the link is going to end) is forward progression. As opposed to just keep on talking until we find an end to what we are saying.

Pre-promoting / Cross promoting

Forward Progression also means pre-promoting what is coming up and cross promoting other jocks. It's always good to mention the jock who is on after you and likewise the jock before you plugs that you are on after them!
 No need to give a plug to the jock who WAS on BEFORE you though when you first sign on. Forward selling what's to come, will keep people listening and will be far more effective. It's always good to cross promote other jocks on the station at various points of your on-air slot. 
 Remember to give a reason to tune in to the jock, rather than just telling them to listen. You can even give reasons for listeners to tune into you the next day if you know exactly what you will be doing at a certain time or hour the next day.


It is always better to tease something interesting/entertaining rather than just mentioning the name of the feature that is coming up, for example, rather than just saying “I have the story of the day on the way”, hook part of the story leaving the listeners wanting to hear more.
 That’s the great thing about Forward Progression, it makes you want to listen, more and longer!

Carl Kinsman