Hooking Before Breaks

Sell, Be Specific, Be personal and explain what is happening after breaks.
(BAD EXAMPLE) Hi this is Joe Smith with you till 6 tonight and then Gary White will be here.
(GOOD EXAMPLE) Hi I'm Joe Smith and after 6 tonight Gary white will be counting down your most requested songs of the day etc
(BAD EXAMPLE) I'll be back with Madonna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Avril Lavign.
(GOOD EXAMPLE) Got a great song from Madonna, Avril Lavign and a classic from the rock band that was in Beavis & Butthead do Amerca, do you remember the song?
Try not to sound like you are reading out lists when hooking and get away from saying, 'I'll be back'. Are you going somewhere?
(BAD EXAMPLE) Coming up I'll check the weather and give you another chance to win.
(GOOD EXAMPLE) The weather is looking great for tomorrow. I'll have full weather on the way and a chance for you to win a £1000 on Thousand Pound Thursdays.