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25 years ago a giant of broadcasting signed on the air. Atlantic 252 went everywhere and did everything. It was ahead of its time and sadly failed because of the limitations of Long Wave and the advances of FM radio across the UK and Ireland.
Here we look back at the station, with quotes from the people who worked there during its 12 years on the air.

Jo King aka Carl Kinsman writes:
"I think it worked because back then radio was full of clutter and it was attractive hearing something new that was broadcasting all over the place to who knows where! But Atlantic was big in areas where they had stations playing more music too so it had to be down to the big thought put into the format.
We all had to sound like we were having lots of fun and had a care free attitude but behind the scenes it was hard work...a lot of pressure to be constantly making sure we were doing it right. We were airchecked often (Thats where the boss goes through one of your shows!) and all had to make sure the presentation basics were in place. We had our way of making sure people had reasons to stay tuned... making them feel like they'd miss something if they tuned out.
Really the station was ahead of its time in terms of the format / station sound. (And I'm not just talking tight music formats!) The difference today though with stations that sound similar is that they have forgotten the one thing that I think made the station stand out.. and that is the character and attitude of the station. It was funny. I remember my first job sitting in a van with a bunch of lads and they would all burst out laughing after hearing something they werent expecting on Atlantic. It might of been what the newsman said at the end of a bulletin, a presenter or a jingle etc! It was different alright.
Dated? Well its not the 90's anymore but I can see a lot of what it did was way ahead of its time. It is still an inspiration to many today! "