Pre-fade Recorded Calls

Pre-fade recorded calls are used for controlling exactly where in the link you want the callers voice to come in saying the right things and maybe have it timed up to the vocal or wherever. And most important, you can edit out unwanted waste so they won't sound messy. Here's some helpful Tips!
1. ALWAYS DO INTRO'S OF CALLS LIVE. eg Hi who's this - (play) It's Mary from....
2. ALWAYS PLAY CALL BACK STARTING WITH THE CALLERS VOICE. Then you will not overlap your voice with the recorded one and you won't hear the difference in your voice when the recorded call comes in after introducing it live.
3. KNOW HOW YOUR CALL ENDS. Whether your timing it up to something or even speaking live at the end of the call. If you are going to speak after it, again make sure it ends with callersvoice and know exactly how it ends.
4. START RECORDING BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE. This can be good if you don't want to miss anything good to make a call out of.