Presentation Basics (Updated by Carl Kinsman)

 As presentation Basics have changed over the years. I have only included the timeless ones that never change in music radio below:-

- Hook BEFORE your speech element. It's best to get all of your sells & teases, song hooks etc at the START of your link, not after your thought. This allows you to end with a good thought out line or payoff. 

- Mention artist and title of unfamiliar songs. Familiar artists don’t need titles mentioned unless new.
- Word Economy (Say it using least amount of words possible)
- One element per link (After saying station Name, selling music etc the element is your thought in the link.)
- Forward Sell All New songs.
- Introduce ALL NEW Songs!
- Don’t talk over the ends of songs that end cold. (Don’t start your link at all until song ends.)
-All links Flow (Don’t stop and then come back. Once you stop that’s the end of your link!)
- Remember it is not always necessary to back announce or introduce song unless the song is NEW or UNFAMILIAR!
- Don’t Fill up to he vocal. It is good to time up to the vocal but better to leave the rest of the intro to play rather than throwing in extra words to get there!
- All links contain station name.