Radio Wisdom

# Say it in the least words possible
# Know where and how the bit is going to end before you start
One thought per link
Be one to one
# Say it the same way you would tell your mate
# Tease everything you do
Avoid cliches
Be passionate about everything you do and intimate with your listener
# Believe in everything you do
Remember Sincerity wins everytime
Don't explain - SELL
# Never Menu - Take one thing at a time
# Make the listener smell, taste, savour and feel everthing you say or do
# Radio is the eyes of the imagination
# Radio is Theatre of the mind
# Originality is only limited by your imagination
# Challenge, question, change everything you do
# Tap into the emotions of your listeners
# Make someone respond emotionally and you have entertained them
# Talk to people and know what drives their emotions (This is the essence of one to one)
# Entertain - You provide the element of surprise
There is a fine line between success and failure. Enjoyability and irritability
You are unique - Be sincere and you will be successful
# Tell me things I don't know - Tease it
The best spontaneity is always planned
# A link must contain the following:-
The statement (The essence of what you are talking about)
The elaboration (Painting the picture)
The response (The comment which touches the listeners emotions)
# Know what your gonna say - when you open your mouth - be sure that what you want to say comes out
# Have confidence - Confidence in your work gives you the ability to: Be honest, Be the best, fear no one and WIN!
Credit goes to my former Programme Director, Graeme Ledger for a lot of these tips! Carl.