Play Carl's Version of BoulderDash

                                           Commodore 64 Emulator Game with newly
                                           created levels by Carl Kinsman.

                                           This mini game has 5 levels based on Rockman
                                           that was released for the Commodore 16 / Plus 4.

Download BoulderDash Rom file here 
Goto the online Emulator page here then drag rom file in.

Hit space bar till you get to screen that allows you to choose Game Module (Number 2), 
Type ROKDASH then hit Return.
Cress CTRL To play game, Use cursor keys and CTRL to push rocks! 
                                          (Can also be used on other C64 Emulators)

                                Also check out the new Windows / Mac version of Boulderdash
                                by Tony Brice featuring new version of the tune produced by Carl Kinsman                                                               here